Punk, Rock, Soul Band

From the recording Black Lightning

01 and title track from the album BLACK LIGHTNING. Released 2010.



Storm cloud coming
Coming straight to you
You can’t run for shelter
There’s nothing you can do

I’m a new sensation. I’m on fire.
Overload your systems. Gonna jump your wires.
I’m Black Lightening

I’m a sinner baby
I’m all the power you need
Now I’m out of the bottle
I’m gonna set you free

I can strike a hundred times a day
Nothing ever gets in my way
I’m Black Lightening

I’ll be in your mind.
I’ll be in your soul.
I’m raw power in your veins.
You gotta hold on tightly
Don’t you dare let go.
Gonna ride this bomb until we both explode

I feel your body shaking
I’ll flip the switch on you
You’re gonna turn me on
I’m gonna turn on you

No matter where you are. I’ll be in your head
Never gonna rest until I’m dead.
I’m Black Lightening

All across the world. Every night and day.
I’ll be your Sun to light the way.
I’m Black Lightening