Punk, Rock, Soul Band

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  1. Monkey House

From the recording Grand Fury


T. Bramel

Going to your monkey house downtown baby.
Watch all your friends be fashion hounds baby.
And all you sex partners swaying in the breeze,
all your politicians swinging from the trees,
all these undertakers waiting for you to die,
communicating social disease.

Put all your faith in the monkey church baby.
Nail your monkey god on your monkey cross baby.
With all your bastard children running around,
all your dead ancestors under the ground,
all of these surgeons taking all you feel,
everyday dragging you down.

Pledge your allegiance to the monkey house baby.
Give all your money til you run out baby.
There’s a pack wild dogs barking at your door.
a thousand white rates crawling on your floor.
there’s a crowd below, screaming in your brain.
Selling you the civil war.
Civil war.

Every street whore is monkey walkin
Every public figure is monkey talkin
Every little thing is coming unglued
Monkey see, monkey do.

Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck……..