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  1. Zero PM

From the albums Grand Fury and Meet The BellRays

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T. Bramel

Know you’re the devil ‘cuz you ain’t no man,
With your super-Nazi Ku Klux Klan
And a gun at you side and a rope in your hand
You must die by the sword.

Because the word is a ghetto
And you are a ghetto
And the ghetto must burn from within
At Zero P.M.

The tunnelvisioned preacher with the hate-filled mind
Wants to cleanse the good earth by political design.
Kill another bastard for the tone of his skin.
What goes around comes around.


You stand there laughing- guilty as sin.
Your blind lack of faith is gonna do you in.
The Great Hangover hangning over the city
Is the weight of desparation.

I don’t wanna know you baby.
I don’t wanna try.
I don’t wanna show you what’s blind in your eye.
And I don’t wanna listen.
The machine broke down.
What goes around comes around.


Burn the sky, burn the sky.
Burn a great big whole in the sky.
Then all God’s children can go to heaven.