Punk, Rock, Soul Band

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  1. Power To Burn

From the recording Black Lightning

06 track from the album BLACK LIGHTNING. Released 2010.



Coming down to your place baby
Gonna knock on your front door
We’ll do everything we want to baby
And then we’ll do some more
There’s no reason to be standing still
The lessons all been learned

We’ve got power to burn
We’ve got power to burn

Driving down the highway
We don’t stop for anything
We’re gonna keep the engine running
We’ve got a lot of songs to sing
There’s no use in looking backwards
We both know just where we’ve been


Feel that engine revving baby?
Can you hear that rolling sound?
The road ahead is open baby
Nothings gonna slow us down
Nothings gonna slow us down


Take the wheel baby
Put your foot down on the gas
There’s nothing out ahead of us
That our love cannot surpass
We won’t let the sun go down on us
We’re gonna race it til the end

CH x 2