Punk, Rock, Soul Band

From the recording Hard Sweet and Sticky


by Chris LeRoy

When I was a lonely child
I’d sit beneath a tree
I’d watch the clouds
Float away from me
Dreams I held so close inside
Drifting to the sky
God bless the child
Who ever wondered why
The Fire Next Time

If I was meant to burn for you
And you to burn for me
Are we just smoke through all eternity?
Or is there something deeper still
To keep this love alive?
The Lord gave us
A hard rain tonight
The Fire Next Time

When we met a mourning dove
Returned from the sea
I held you close
You were a part of me
Now you’re gone the birds fly out
Across the powerlines
How can I love you
If you’re the hurting kind?

When I was a lonely child
I’d sit beneath the sky
I’d watch the clouds
See them pass me by
The Fire Next Time

Come on and give me a sign
It’s not the rain this time…