Punk, Rock, Soul Band

From the recording Hard Sweet and Sticky


R. Vennum

People say that I’m a stranger
Just for living on the outside
People act like I’m a danger
Just for living out my life

But if I tried just once to reach out and help someone, without them having to come to me begging and giving me everything I need first, maybe they wouldn’t call me a
Psychotic Hate Man

I see hate and I see anger
Everywhere but in my own mind
It’s a door that I won’t open
It’s a train that I won’t ride

And as the twenty foot walls of black concrete, steel and glass of my life comes tumbling down, I blame the world and give it truth and disdain cause I’m a
Psychotic Hate Man


Break the silence with a silence
The noise I never made at all shines
I’ve got pain and I’ve got anger
And that’s all I need to get by

Everyone, everywhere, nobody ever gave me nothing all the time, except the ones who saved my life, but they don’t count cause they’re everyone too and I’m a
Psychotic Hate Man
Psychotic Hate Man
Psychotic Hate Man
Psychotic Hate Man