Punk, Rock, Soul Band

From the recording Hard Sweet and Sticky



It’s the same way you’re talking
The same old ups and downs
But I know a few things
I know better now

Used to be you were so convincing
I believe in those days
But now the light is shining
Burning off the haze

It’s all over now
It’s all over now
I’m looking through you
You’re just blue against the sky

Tell me what’s for certain
Tell me what has changed
Don’t expect me to believe you
Not again


When the world comes crawling to you
Like some Hollywood premiere
You may think you’re getting over
But you’ll still be sitting here

My life is empty
I was so scared
That is wasn’t possible
To live at all

One more day goes on by
I’m still facing ahead
The way I think it should be
Is getting closer now

© R. Vennum & L. Kekaula/T-Dog Music/Mad Constrictor Music & Mele Kekaula Music, all BMI respectively