Punk, Rock, Soul Band

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  1. Infection

From the recording Hard Sweet and Sticky



I tried to tell you to let you know
Gave you for real love that’s all I know
You said your secrets were never lies
Love double crossed me and
…you know why

Infection x2

Love tells a story. Love tells a lie
Love is a fighter. Afraid to die
It’s just a sickness and it’s killing me
Lord let this cancer let go of me.

Infection x4
from your love

You used to love me
You used to be
The sensitive one you believed
Told me that your heart was made of glass
Confidence you put in me
Was poison in the glass


Did you love me? Did you need?
Did I affect you the way you do me?
I’m just a junky that can’t be free
As long you keep infecting me

Infection x 8

© R. Vennum & L. Kekaula/T-Dog Music/Mad Constrictor Music & Mele Kekaula Music, all BMI respectively