Punk, Rock, Soul Band

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  1. Everybody Get Up

From the recording Black Lightning

08 track from the album BLACK LIGHTNING. Released 2010.



Are you ready to make noise?
Are you starting to shake?
Do you get so excited?
That you need something to break?
I can give you the fix, yeah. (I can give you the cure)
If you wanna get straight
I’m gonna give you the best thing
Take it before it’s too late.

Everybody get up.
We’re gonna have a good time.
Everybody get up.
We’re gonna have a good time.

Now you’re starting to sweat some.
Now you’re starting to move.
It’s time to open your mind, yeah.
It’s time to fit in the groove.
You might be full of sin an frustration
Just leave it all at the door.
Right now you’re gonna release, yeah.
Right now you’re gonna explode.

CH: X 2

Bring your mommy
Bring your dad
Bring your whole family
Let’s have some fun
Let’s have a party

You gotta feel the pleasure.
You gotta feel the pain.
You better live in the moment.
We might not be back again.
Your job is not that important
Your work will never be done.
You gotta live it all right now
Cause tomorrow might never come

CH X 4 out