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  1. Sun Comes Down

From the recording Black Lightning

03 track from the album BLACK LIGHTNING. Released 2010.



I wake up when the sun comes down.
My feet are warm as they touch the ground.
I say the words without a sound.
Now that you’re around,
I love.

I see you face everyday.
I see your smile never goes away.
I never thought I could feel this way,
Or I’d get to say
I love…

I feel your heart when you lay with me.
It beats with mine like a symphony.
I never knew that my heart could sing,
Or would show me how
I love…

Nobody sees me when the sun comes down.
You are the light.
You make me whole.
Nobody sees me when the sun comes down.
We are one.
We are the light.

It’s so dark when you’re all alone.
A cold sky with out a sun.
A guiding star, you came down to me
So that I could see
I love…

I promise you, you promise me
A sun that shines for eternity.
It lights a world that’s too small to hold
Everything that IS
Our Love.

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© R. Vennum & L. Kekaula/T-Dog Music/Mad Constrictor Music & Mele Kekaula Music, all BMI respectively.