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  1. Hell On Earth

From the recording Black Lightning

02 track from the album BLACK LIGHTNING. Released 2010.



Don’t want to be the bad guy.
Don’t want to take the fall.
After breaking everything I built with you part
“I am not the enemy” is what you loved to say
Hot gun metal in your hand
Three chances blown away

It’s just a photograph.
It’s just a memory.
Goddamn those bit of broken glass
Keep on reminding me

Hell on earth
Hell on earth
Hell on earth
Hell on earth.

I said all that I can
Won’t ever see a way
All of this is yesterday
No wonder why you’d say
This is…


Buckets of sorrow.
Halos of pain.
Is most of what I got from you
For all the love I gave.

You win the medal.
You won the race.
Is living in your misery
The cherry on your cake
Or is it…


© R. Vennum & L. Kekaula/T-Dog Music/Mad Constrictor Music & Mele Kekaula Music, all BMI respectively.