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There are no upcoming events right now.

We are back! 

Many thanks to all of you that have sent us messages in the past months. We have been away due to personal health issues that are now well managed. We are back to Facebook and Instagram.

Hope to see you at an upcoming show.

SUMMER 2021 - Production Schedule for Online Content 

Everything is slowly changing. We changed our schedule last month and tweaked it a bit more. Hope you have been able to keep up but in case you haven't here is what it looks like:


MONTHLY - Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch)

First Tuesday - 11am PST Facebook Page - Rock Show (broadcast on Twitter via Periscope, YouTube and Twitch)

Second Tuesday - 12am PST Youtube Page - Feature Video

Second Wednesday 12pm PST Instagram - Nooner

Fourth Tuesday - 12am PST YouTube Page - Feature Video

Fourth Wednesday 12pm PST Instagram - Cover Stories


MONTHLY - True Believers -Facebook Group (Private Community)

First Monday - 11am PST  Monthly Q&A - True Believers*

Third Tuesday - 11am PST  Rock Show  - True Believers*


WEEKLY - Patreon (Membership Content)

First Saturday - Exclusive Monthly Rock Show**

Second Thursday - Exclusive Visual Preview Content**

Third Thursday - Exclusive Listening Experiences**

Fourth Thursday - Exclusive Members Only Podcast**

Rock Show #2 - 12.17.2020 

We have rescheduled Rock Show #2 and a whole lot more. We will be performing the full power of BLACK LIGHTNING for the 10th Anniversary of the release. Click the link here to find out the options but most of all make sure you do not miss this event.

The BellRays Livestream Passport Fest 2020 

Join us at the Passport Fest this weekend, September 12/13, 2020. Passport Fest is a global Facebook Live music festival. The streaming event features artists of all genres from all over the world playing music and sharing their stories of life as a musician during the pandemic. 

We will be playing Saturday 12th at 4pm Eastern Time/1pm PST. We will be live streamed through the Passport Fest Page. 


Please visit, like and share the page to encourage maximum support! See you there!

Spanish Tour Dates Postponed 

Our Spanish Tour scheduled for the September 24th 2020 to October 3rd 2020 has been postponed due to the continuing health crisis of Covid-19.  As soon as we have the new dates you will be the first to know!  The music never stops, so check out our Facebook Live Shows every Tuesday, YouTube Rock Show every Thursday and Instagram on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  More news to come.  We thank you for your continued support and stay safe everyone.