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We are crowdfunding the last of three (3) re-pressings of essential vinyl records from The BellRays. The Red White and Black was released in several countries back in 2003-2004. To our knowledge very few copies of this record on vinyl still exist. When we were approached to have the record re-released we thought we merely needed to send the digital files to be remixed and mastered. When we could not find those files we realized we had to find the actual reel tapes to get access to the songs. We also had to do this in the middle of a world-wide pandemic after remaining tours for the first two quarters of the year had been cancelled. We had to choose to either give up the idea or dive in. We have chosen the latter. We are going forward with the project and found a great guy to transfer the tapes to digital formatting. We will then proceed to get these files remastered and then assemble the entire record with new artwork and hopefully a much higher quality sonic product.

We would love to have you join us in creating a new vision of an old favorite. With your help we can get the project finished. We don't need too much financially but we estimate about $1500 for the transfer and another $3000-$5000 to get it remixed and remastered.

Obviously we are trying to keep costs down because our ability to tour has been put on hold until the last quarter of the year. Nonetheless finding these old reels of tape we found alternate takes and unreleased songs that make the whole idea of this project that much more exciting. We plan on sharing the whole process with you. We hope you will want to join in.

Lisa and Bob - The BellRays


The Red White and Black - All-Star
  • The Red White and Black - All-Star
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ALL-STAR level includes:

BASIC level plus... MAJOR level plus... PRO level plus... "Let it Blast" download "Grand Fury" download Your name will be included in the special a listed on the "thank you" section of "The Red White and Black" along with three (3) Vinyl LP's: "The Red White and Black" Re-Issue (signed) "Grand Fury" Re-Issue (signed) "Let is Blast" Re-Issue (signed) LIMITED QUANTITY

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Remixed. Remastered. Repressed and Re-visualized - !Welcome to "The Red, White and Black" Blog 

Rebooting the Reboot

For those of you getting this post, you have more than likely been here for a while. Thank you for your support. We started this project over a year ago and had high hopes of completing it before the end of July 2020. Obviously that did not happen. The schedule of the world and the many pivots that we all learned to make meant somethings were just going to take longer and this was one of them. Because of that extra time we are convinced we have a better beginning. William Graves, long time musician, peer and scholar of music was able to bring forth the full potency of what remained in the original recordings with his mixes. The change is noticeable and palpable. We are sure this only could have happened by leaning in to the extra time we had. We have heard the masters and are sold on the sonic rebirth of this collection of songs. Grateful barely describes what we felt hearing this newer portal to this amazing record from a unique time for The BellRays. We had planned to make posts as changes happened but learned throughout the pandemic that we spent more time explaining what had to be rescheduled when we took that route. Instead we said nothing. We wanted to make sure we were able to get remixes and masters complete before posting to this blog. So to all of you that have been waiting... we are on the road to finishing this project and you are on the way to having a great record in hand.

Again, thank you for your support. Expect more posts. We can't wait to share our progress with you.

We are glad to be able to provide a way for our fans to be involved with this crowdfunding process without having to join additional platform. By doing this via our website, all purchases made here on our website allow for all funds less transaction fees to go directly to funding the project and mailing final product. No commission fees on Bandzoogle.

We are here to partner with you and want you to be as trilled as we are that we can get this project done together. Our estimated completion is July 31, 2020.

All-Star level participants will be sent all 3 records at the time of the final release unless other arrangements are made to do otherwise. We are willing to work out what makes the most sense for us to all end up happy to be involved and proud of the product we produce.